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Proctorcars is a brand new car magazine bringing you the latest information about car technology, in-depth guides on a variety of automotive and driving topics as well as fun and interesting articles that you don’t want to miss!
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Welcome to the Guest Post Guidelines on Proctorcars

We are assuming that you have already gone through our basic guidelines, here are some more general guidelines that you must go through before you start writing for Proctorcars.

As you already know, we are open to guest posts but only those which are relevant to our site and interests our community.

We are interested only in content related to “automobiles and driving” which includes the uses, resources and benefits of cars. We would be interested to have articles especially on your insights on cars, your tips, or your review of a particular car, your practices, or various car related resources, apps and tools you would want the community to know.

You must go through the following guidelines very carefully:

General Guidelines

  • Posts should be at least 500 words long.
  • The post can only include highly contextual web-links to personal blogs, websites, social media accounts, etc., only if such linkback doesn’t violates anyone’s privacy (privacy policy).
  • An article cannot have more than 2 external web-links pointing to the same domain.
  • Links included must not be promotional. We reserve the right to remove any links that we feel might be spam.
  • Submitted posts are unpaid.
  • You’ll have to create a Proctorcars account in order to submit a post. That allows us to give the credits of the article to you.
  • You only can have 1 (one) web-link in your bio (under the field “Website”).
  • All web-links in the article and author bio (or elsewhere) are of type “nofollow”. As we do not promote “dofollow” links, please do not expect us to offer any.
  • By submitting a post for review, you give Proctorcars the right to reject, edit, publish, and share this post.
  • You agree not to publish the post anywhere else; however, you may linkback posts on your own site(s) or social media account(s) to your original submitted post on Proctorcars.
  • Posts should be formatted for an online audience. (Shorter paragraphs are preferred.  Lists are effective too, if it applies to your post.)
  • Proctorcars accepts original photos and videos with posts. Contributors must have permission to use any of the images and/or videos they submit. You will need to send us the media as an attachment to [email protected] with your article title mentioned in the mail after you submit it.
  • As an author, you get listed in on our Authors Page and get a Dedicated Author Page only when you reach a successful contribution count of 8 articles.
  • A dedicated Author Page can include a detailed author description, up to 5 web-links and up to 4 social account links (All links are of type “nofollow”).
  • In case you require additional links please refer to our advertisement section.
  • We do have the rights to change the title a bit (if required) and remove any link in the article body that we find promotional.

If the article matches these requirements we would love to have it on our website. So get going.


Q – Can I submit posts that I’ve run on my blog?
A – No. All guest posts for Proctorcars must be your original work and not published on any other site prior to being submitted to us. Also, once content has been published on Proctorcars , it must remain exclusive to Proctorcars.

Q – What’s in it for me? Do you pay guest authors?
A – We do not pay guest authors. The value of becoming a guest blogger for Proctorcars is well beyond any amount we would pay in cash. Proctorcars is a Premier automobiles and driving community. People become guest authors for Proctorcars because we are a “must-visit” resource for every car enthusiast. We reach thousands of people every day from more than 170 countries across the globe.

Q – Can I put a link to my site in the articles I submit?
A – You can only insert a link only if its contextual with the article content and doesn’t spam the article or annoy the readers. Alternatively, at the end of each guest post, there is a short bio about the author of the article. Here you can have one link to the desired webpage.

Q – What kind of content are you looking for?
A – We are interested only in content related to the use of automobiles and driving. We would be interested to have articles especially on your insights on cars, your tips for cars, or your review of a  particular car, your  experiences and practices, or various car related resources, apps and tools you would want the community to know.

Q – How long do posts need to be?
A – To keep readers engaged and interested, blog posts should fall between 500 and 900 words but there is no limit to the length of a post.

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