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Big Bend Hospice
Providing Compassionate Care to Tallahassee & Surrounding Areas

Mission & Services

An organization integral to our community that the Proctor Dealerships proudly supports is Big Bend Hospice.

Since 1983, Big Bend Hospice has been providing a full range of programs and services to patients with advanced illness, and
their families, throughout the Big Bend area. Compassionate care and quality-of-life programs are available to anyone with an

advanced illness for whom the services are appropriate and who elects to receive them.

Subaru Share the Love Event

Through our Subaru Share the Love Event, over the past seven years, Proctor Subaru has been able to
donate over $72,000 to Big Bend Hospice, impacting countless individuals in our Big Bend community.

Subaru Share the Love Event is an annual Subaru of America event that spans several weeks during the holiday season.

During the event, Subaru of America donates $250 to each customer’s choice of five charities for every new

Subaru purchased or leased. Since the introduction of hometown charities in 2016, Proctor Subaru has

designated Big Bend Hospice as their local ‘Hometown charity’ for this event. Subaru of America has
designated ASPCA, Make-A-Wish, Meals on Wheels America, and the National Park Foundation as the four national
charities. Customers may select one or more of the local or national charities to receive all or a portion of the
contribution. In addition to the contributions above, Proctor Subaru also donates an additional $50 per vehicle to Big
Bend Hospice throughout the Share the Love Event.

Over the years, we have also participated in Big Bend Hospice’s Spring Fling fundraising event, a spring garden party that brings musical
artists and guests together, and has raised more than $1.2 million over 11 years.
To join in this wonderful event, please stay tuned. As our community continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation, more
information will be announced regarding the Spring 2021 event.

Spring Fling Gallery