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Proctor Employee Endowment
at Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center

national-cancer-institute-gO-iULv-qbU-unsplash (1)
TMH Cancer Center

We support causes meaningful to our Proctor Dealership employees and to our community. We realize how many people are impacted by
cancer. Many of our employees have also been affected, and family and friends have received treatment at the Tallahassee Memorial Cancer
Center. When our employees witnessed the care given by the Cancer Center, they decided to thank the TMH Cancer Center
in a meaningful way.

In 2012, the Proctor Employee Endowment at Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center was established. Since then, our staff has given generously
to support patients undergoing treatment at the Center. The funds have sponsored two patient dressing rooms and have been used to provide
patients with transportation to and from treatment and with childcare assistance. 

To date, Proctor employees have donated more than $97,000, and we are proud to give back to the community, together!

TMH Cancer Center Photo Gallery

Learn more about ways to support the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Foundation:


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